I am a Southern-Yankee girl. Let me explain: I was born and raised in Hilton Head, a small island off the coast of South Carolina made up almost entirely of people from New England. It is a surreal place where North and South co-exist in awkward sunscreen-scented harmony.  So while I don’t have a southern accent or drink sweet tea, I love southern hospitality, low country boils, and especially the southern climate.

So how did this Southern-Yankee girl end up publishing a wedding magazine? Like many of God’s plans, it developed over time in a mix of fate and fortune.

As a student of Graphic Design at Winthrop University, I often dreamed of being a designer for a magazine. After graduation though, life wasn’t taking me down the path of my dream job... or at least it didn’t seem to be. I took a job at a small design firm working on three-dimensional design projects. Later, Winthrop called and asked me to come back to the Graphic Design program as a teacher and I jumped at the opportunity. 

It was during this time that I met Brad, my handsome and charismatic Canadian husband who just seemed to “get” me from the very first time we met. We went from first date to married within 18 months. God showed his fantastic plan and unique sense of humor when He put the two of us together. I can’t imagine laughing my way through this crazy life with anyone else!

I stumbled into the wedding industry, seemingly by chance, when a friend asked me to design a wedding album. From there, Inspire Design Studio took off - growing from album design into custom invitations and wedding day stationery – a part of the business I still very much enjoy.

The idea for this magazine came out of a conversation between Brad and I late one evening a few months ago. We talked about the future, our dreams, and our passions. I realized that my passion was not just beautiful weddings and creative design but also encouraging people and helping others build strong, lasting marriages. But how did that fit in with my beliefs, my growing business, and my lingering love of magazine design?

And then, in a light bulb moment, Inspire Weddings & Marriage magazine was born.

With a lot of hard work, amazing friends and family, and a TON of help from God - here we are. Our mission is to “Inspire Lasting Love.” I hope the articles, the images, the wonderful people and companies you find in this magazine will provide creative ideas for your wedding AND help build a solid foundation for your marriage. I pray that your wedding day is everything you have imagined, and that your new life as a couple will thrive, bringing joy to you and encouragement to others.

Be inspired, 

Stephanie Huxter